Ischial bone apophysitis: a clinical case

Ischial bone apophysitis: a clinical case


Smorchkova A.K.1, Gonchar A.P.2, Blokhin I.A.2.

1. I. M. Sechenov First Medical State University, Moscow, Russia.
2. Research and Practical Clinical Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine

Technologies, Department of Health Care of Moscow.



To present a clinical case of ischial bone apophysitis.

Materials and methods

A 12-year old female patient with complaints on pubicpain and limited motion range.


Computed tomography initially detected an avulsion fracture. To further evaluate the ischial bone, magneticresonance imaging was done, revealing a left-sidedapophysitis.


Multimodal imaging in the form of CT an MRI is pivotal for diagnostics of apophyses lesions. Theradiologist must account for the normal age-relatedmusculoskeletal findings. Such awareness allows for correct and timely diagnosis affecting patient management and treatment outcomes.


ischial bone apophysitis, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging.

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